Weird ways to beat the heat as scorching SoCal weekend approaches

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- When it's 100 degrees or more and you're out and about or don't have air conditioning, how do you stay cool?

There are plenty of weird tips for beating the heat, but some are actually science-based.

Earl Helm, who lives in Glendale, said he rides his motorcycle to get a breeze going. Susan Abcar, who works in Glendale, said she jumps in the pool.

We asked her if she'd ever heard of this heat hack: spritzing yourself with peppermint tea. "That would feel really good right now," she said.

Urgent Care Physician Dr. Manuel Momjian said one weird tip -- wearing an ice vest -- really works.

He explained, "This is what we do in medicine many times. When people have a high temperature, we do cooling measures and put them in ice water."

Another weird tip: Cool down by sleeping with an icy-cold water bottle. Momjian gives this one a thumbs down. He said you can accidentally freeze your skin and fingers.

What about eating very spicy food? Some believe that it makes you perspire, which in turn cools the body.

Does that one ring true or is it myth? Sorry, not worth it, the expert said.

Momjian suggested soaking a cloth with some cool water and putting it on your neck as a better fix.

The next weird heat hack is doing yoga. Some said the deep, calming breaths can drop your body temperature a few degrees.

But the doctor disagrees.

And if you're considering dipping your feet into an icy bath, use caution if you have diabetes or poor circulation. "You could end up causing vasoconstriction to your blood vessels and it could cause decreased blood flow to the area," Momjian said.

Back to our original tip -- spritzing your face with cold peppermint tea. Sorry, no final answer on this one. Momjian said he's doesn't have enough information to answer one way or the other.
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