Wellness coach suggests vision boards to help with goal setting

Christina Olson and Erica Exberger are working with wellness coach Candice Witek to put together vision boards by focusing on their hopes and dreams.

"I created a space on how I wanted to spend my time with my four kids and what that looks like," said Olson.

"Trying to create a new career path for myself while being a mother three young little boys," Exberger said.

Witek, a certified wellness coach, says she made vision boards when she was going through chemo and having surgery for breast cancer.

"I do know that they work. I've personally been using vision board practice for about six years," said Witek.

Now she holds group "vision board" sessions, both in home and corporate settings.

Some have an idea about what they want to achieve in life but have difficulty attaining those goals.

Witek feels the boards can help people first consider, then design, then dwell -- even meditate on the product.

"I'm asking them to give their life kind of like a review. Like your boss would at work, but you're reviewing yourself," Witek said.

It reminds Olson of collaging a decade ago.

"We had a whole crew and would get together and kind of hold each other accountable for our New Year's resolutions," said Olson.

Magazines, glue, tape and scissors -- from that they work to put together through words and photos. Witek oversees things, then guides each client individually.

Then, it's time to fuel up.

Along with a vision boards you might have a lunchtime session, call it a 'lunch and learn' where you're learning about healthy food along with your art.

"A lot of people have lunch hours. They're already going out to eat, I want it to be healthy and how fun can this be," Witek said.

Clients are fed a nutritious meal and go home with a cooking video recipe along with their new creation and goals
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