WTRX brings boot camp workout to the water

LAGUNA NIGUEL, Calif. (KABC) -- Water exercise is changing its image at Life Time Athletic in Laguna Niguel. Water aerobics is still a hit, but it's WTRX that's making a splash.

WTRX brand ambassador Alex Isaly's job is to find the best workouts and fitness tools for the club.

"The tagline is - the ultimate boot camp in the water," Isaly said.

Speedo and fitness consulting company EXOS created the interval training workout that's done in water.

"I love to use the word 'disrupt,'" Isaly said. "Things that they typically would do on land, we do it in the water and make them feel a little bit uncomfortable."

Kettlebell swings and weighted viper burpees are just a few moves you can expect during WTRX.

Speedo's "runboard" makes underwater exercises much harder.

WTRX is for all fitness levels, from triathletes to those who can't swim, because the circuit is done in shallow water and no laps are required.

A good tool is the BOGA FITMAT, which holds up to 400 pounds. But it's pricey at $850.

"They are $849, but compared to a stand-up paddleboard, which is closer to the $2,000 range," said competitive snowboarder Jamie Donnelly said.

Donnelly loves to teach "tsunami" and "ebb and flow," which are both done on the flotation mat.

"You don't feel beat up when you get off the water. You feel refreshed. You feel strong," she said.

Donnelly said studies indicate exercising in, on, or near water can reduce stress and depression.

"It's literally going to change your brain chemistry," she said.

Plus those who do it get cardio, flexibility core training and hit spots we often ignore.
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