High-speed chase of trafficking suspect ends with crash in Van Nuys

VAN NUYS, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A dangerous police chase through the San Fernando Valley ended in a crash that damaged multiple vehicles.

Multiple vehicles were wrecked and a Van Nuys neighborhood was left stunned by the sudden and violent collisions.

Police say the suspect involved in the chase was believed to be involved in human trafficking.

Although he got away after the crash, police know who he is and where he lives.

Officers were trying to do a felony stop when the suspect took off in his Mercedes, leading police on a high-speed pursuit through residential neighborhoods.

Witnesses described hearing a "horrendous crash."

The suspect side-swiped at least two cars near Hatteras Street and Halbrent Avenue

Police say a woman and her young child were inside one of the vehicles, a white Jeep. They were not injured but the suspect lost control and ended up on the lawn of a home. He then took off running.

"It's really dangerous - the high speeds traveling in a residential neighborhood and there's people out and about," said LAPD Sgt. John Matassa. "It's very dangerous."

LAPD says there was another collision involving an officer responding to the location. He hit an uninvolved civilian's vehicle. It wasn't immediately clear if there were any injuries associated with the crash.
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