ABC7 Salutes TV program finding jobs for veterans

Tuesday, November 20, 2018
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More and more business owners want to hire veterans, and a TV show is highlighting how hiring American heroes can help the bottom line and bring on employees with passion and purpose.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- There are more veterans in Los Angeles than any other city in America, and more and more business owners want to hire veterans, especially those who recognize how veterans have unique training and skills.

One TV show is highlighting how hiring American heroes can help the bottom line. They're looking to hire employees with passion and purpose.

"Hiring America" is a television show dedicated to helping veterans and their spouses find jobs. They recently stopped in L.A. to film a new segment focused on veteran entrepreneurs.

Bill Deutch is the executive producer and creator of "Hiring America."

"We're here to profile these businesses to show people the success that these veteran-owned businesses are having, so it inspires people," he said. "So when they watch our show, they say, 'Oh yeah, a guy I served with did something very similar. I can do this. Why not me?'"

The syndicated program has already helped companies hire tens of thousands of veterans -- including Clorox and Home Depot.

"I thought I was going to be the greatest key cutter in the world and today, I'm the regional vice president," a veteran hired by Home Depot said.

But at this event by Bunker Labs, a non-profit network for veteran entrepreneurs, it's all about getting veterans' advice on jump-starting their own businesses, from investor tips to development guidance.

They're all important tools for business owner and Air Force veteran Joshica Kiah.

Kiah is the founder of a Joshica Beauty, a natural hair and skin care brand.

"It's kind of a rough road, it's still an uphill battle, but I would say it's definitely helpful that there are resources available," Kiah said.

Mayor Eric Garcetti said this type of access is invaluable.

"They get more than a thanks and a handshake for their service. They actually get the intellectual capital; the connections and access to city contracts, government work and other things that can help propel their businesses forward," Garcetti said.

Jose Pila, an Army veteran who founded the non-profit Tent Hut, said finding structure in a career is key for veterans.

"Finding a path or a purpose that gave me that mission that I used to have in the military," Pila said.

"Hiring America's" creator said this program is his way of giving back, and that mission is not over.

"We've been producing this show for over five years and veteran unemployment has gone down significantly, but there are still challenges out there," Deutch said.

Check your local listings to find "Hiring America" on the Live Well Network. It's also on Youtube.