Dana Point teen Meg Roh surfs every day since 2011

SAN ONOFRE STATE BEACH, Calif. (KABC) -- Like clockwork, Meg Roh is out at the beach every day waxing her board and then she hits the surf.

It's a ritual that has been going on for four years now, and Meg hasn't missed a single day.

"I didn't think I would go this long actually, but I'm excited I have," she said. "It's amazing, it doesn't feel like that long."

Her surfing journey started when she was 12 as a quest to get better. That was on June 1, 2011. Now, the 16-year-old Orange County resident has improved greatly.

"The best part of it is that every day is different so you get a chance to learn how to surf in different conditions and improve yourself," Meg said.

For the past 1,461 days, Meg has practiced even when she's feeling tired or under the weather.

"Oh my gosh - she's crazy. She does it during rain and shine," friend Kaila Patterson said.

But in order to keep surfing, Roh has to keep her grades up.

"She's had straight As so she's never had a B so it's kind of hard to say no when she's keeping grades up like that," step-father Sam Hann said.

She's also attracted numerous sponsors such as Roxy that keep her supplied with things that wear out quickly from constant surfing, such as wetsuits and board wax.

She was also recognized as one of the "Trailblazers in Women's Surfing" at the Surfing Heritage Foundation in San Clemente.

Meg, however, says she may stop surfing every day when she hits day 1,500 sometime in July. She said she would like to travel more.

"I've heard that a few times. I heard that at three months, and at a year, so we'll see," Hann said with a laugh.

So for now Meg will keep going--trying to catch at least five waves a day. Her message to others is to do what makes you happy.

"Just to keep going even when you think it's rough and to never give up on your dreams," she said.
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