Fountain Valley kickboxing gym offers workouts every 3 minutes, all day long

FOUNTAIN VALLEY, Calif. (KABC) -- This Fountain Valley kickboxing gym offers quite the one-two punch when it comes to motivation.

"Because it's fun and only 30 minutes, anyone can do it," said Riza Ayson, owner of 9 Round.

Nine Round franchise owner Ayson attributes their success to their business model: embracing all ages, shapes and sizes.

"It starts to become this little tribe. We hold each other accountable," said Ayson.

So this class literally has a workout all day long. They start at 5 a.m. Every round is three minutes so they say, "There's no excuse not to work out."

"We open at 5 in the morning, we close at 8 at night, the circuit goes all day. We are called 9 Round because each round is three minutes long. So we say each class starts in three minutes," said Ayson.

Which motivates Noel Clancy, a teacher at Vista View Middle School.

"There's a trainer that tells you what to do all of the time, I don't have to think about what to do. I don't have to pick a workout," said Clancy.

Along with nonstop sweat sessions they offer six-week bodyfat challenges. Clancy has dropped a size, Leo Madueno dropped 50 pounds, and their biggest "loser" lost 150. All with the help of a metabolic coach who helps them understand fat isn't a number on a scale.

"We take these measurements in six week increments to visibly see what's going on. If they're losing five pounds of fat gaining a little bit of muscle we're going to see a difference, they're going to feel the difference. The scale isn't going to scare them anymore," said Yvonne Tait, a certified metabolic coach.

Tait's ultrasound machine shows the changes of intramuscular fat. It's a tool that shows off their hard-earned efforts.

A month at 9 Round averages $109. The first class is free.
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