Retro game dodgeball bounces back with trampoline tournament

VAN NUYS (KABC) -- Early Monday morning, team Doom is practicing at the SkyZone in Van Nuys, gearing up for the big tournament.

"Doom, they are our champions. We actually have their trophy up there," said Jennifer Hernandez, manager of SkyZone in Van Nuys.

Dodgeball is a simple game but it can be serious: Five people per team with the goal of slamming balls at the opposition, knocking them out of the game. All while you try to avoid getting hit yourself.

It's the ultimate elimination game but Justin Payan admits: Cheating can happen.

"You get hit you don't go out," said Payan.

"That happens quite often, actually. People know who they are, but that happens. You get 'em back," said Kol Harrell of Los Angeles.

These guys have been playing for eight years and love dodgeball drama.

"I play dodgeball courts, mud, snow, but on trampolines it's a lot of fun because you're jumping up in the air and you have an enclosed court so it's a lot of fun," said Doom team member Vince Marchbanks.

Studies show the trampoline is a great low-impact workout. It's easy on joints and on those who might be carrying a little extra weight. It stimulates the lymphatic system and burns loads of calories.

"I've played sports growing up and this is by far one of the hardest things I've done," said Payan.

It's a friendly competition, but there can be injuries. "Broken fingers, black eyes, broken noses," said Payan. Marchbanks added: "torn retinas."

The tournament costs $100 per team. This Sunday is the quarterfinals.

They expect 20 teams to bounce it out to head to Chicago and the $50,000 grand prize.

If you'd rather take a peek than play, admission is at 10 a.m. Sunday. It's free and open to the public to come on down and see what this is all about.
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