YouTube star shows how to use food as makeup

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Beets as blush? Peanut butter as foundation? YouTube makeup artist Promise Tamang shows how food can become beauty products. (Dope2111/YouTube)

Who would have thought that beauty could be so delicious?

YouTube star and makeup artist Promise Tamang was curious to see how makeup could be done without traditional cosmetics, so she created a tutorial video using food as beauty products.

Her beauty "ingredients" included:

- Peanut butter mixed with olive oil and flour for foundation.
- Corn starch for setting powder.
- Activated charcoal pills mixed with coffee for her eyes.
- 'Special dark' cocoa powder for contouring.
- Beets for blush.
- Icing glitter as a highlighter.
- Ground turmeric for eye shadow.
- A red Skittle for lipstick.

While Tamang was successful in using food as makeup, she was not totally satisfied with the results.

"I would definitely not go out like this, but I think it's fun just to know some of these things in your house that you can use," she said in her video.
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