Michigan school distributing hockey pucks to students to stop active shooter

ROCHESTER, Mich. -- Can hockey pucks help stop an active shooter on campus? One Michigan school thinks they may the perfect weapon to fight back.

Oakland University near Detroit is distributing thousands of hockey pucks to faculty and students. The school's police chief says should a gunman enter a classroom everyone should be ready to throw something - anything - that could distract, stop or hurt the intruder, even a hockey puck.

But can it work? Some students are skeptical.

One student, Adam Kalajian, said, "I find it absurd. What good will it do? I mean there's an armed person coming in - why would you chuck a puck at them? What's it going to do? Nothing."

The university's faculty union believes the pucks can help save lives. It has organized training sessions and bought 2,500 pucks.
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