Package theft rises during holiday shopping season, experts warn

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Tuesday, December 1, 2015
Package theft rises during holiday shopping season, experts warn
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As the holiday nears, experts are warning online shoppers to take precautions to make sure their packages aren't stolen.

NORTHRIDGE, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- It's a brazen move seen way too often during the holiday season: thieves stealing packages off porches.

"I saw a couple of packages that were delivered by the UPS van. I heard another ding and I thought that just doesn't sound right, so I came, looked out the door and they were gone," victim Laurie Gardner said.

Gardner's UPS delivery was stolen Monday, about 10 minutes after being dropped off. Fortunately, her surveillance system caught the thief on video.

"She looks in the window, rapidly bends over and picks up the packages," profiler and security expert Joe Petrillo said.

He says this type of crime increases during the holiday season.

"It's extremely common this time of year and it's been a growing occurrence," Petrillo said.

He says porch thieves will act based on the owner's moves.

Millions of deliveries are expected in the next few days as Cyber Monday comes to an end.

"If you have an idea of when the date is you need to have somebody at the home, or you need to have it delivered to your workplace, or a lady friend or a male friend across the street, a neighbor that doesn't leave the house," Petrillo advised.

Meanwhile, the Gardners have filed a police report and say this will not stop them from online shopping.