Pediatrician warns parents of small hazards during holiday cleanup

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- You've decorated with lots of holiday cheer but when it comes time to taking it all down, one doctor has two words for you: Be careful!

Dr. Purva Grover from the Cleveland Clinic warns parents of harmful hazards to children like shiny glass ornaments and small leftover pieces from holiday festivities.

"Glass ornaments, or really cute, fine things that kids - smaller kids - can ingest. Older kids can actually get harmed if they are playing and running around, they smash on it; same with our four-legged friends as well - something to think about," Grover said.

It can take a while to get the house back in order after the holiday rush, but toys, boxes and wrapping materials left lying around can lead to accidental cuts and scrapes.

Experts suggest getting rid of any plastic gift bags left out. They can pose a suffocation hazard to small children.

Grover also says to keep an eye out for any gadgets that use button batteries. Those items need to be kept out of reach of little ones because swallowing a button battery can be dangerous - even fatal.

And while you might be reluctant to let go, trying to hang onto the tree for too long can also be a safety issue.

"If you see the needles are brown and getting brittle, those have a very high chance of falling off, causing eye injuries, lacerations, contusions, and also - they are very dry - and even the smallest amount of warmth can actually cause fire," Grover said.

Many toys designed for older kids come with small pieces that can be choking hazards for younger children, so be cautious if you're assembling toys in a home where kids are varying ages.
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