New technology offers homeowners faster, cheaper hot water

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Habitat for Humanity has been known to provide affordable housing to low-income families, but now, the organization said it's also working to help new homeowners save on their utility bills. (KABC)

Habitat for Humanity has been known for providing affordable housing to low-income families for several years; but now, the organization said it's also working to help new homeowners save on their utility bills.

One example is a home under construction in Santa Ana that will offer several unique features to help residents use less energy, the organization said.

"We've increased the thickness of our walls so that we can get more insulation in that," said Mark Korando, senior vice president of the Orange County chapter of Habitat for Humanity. "We hyperseal the building so that we have the least amount of air leakage in the building so it's more comfortable for the people. We have water-saving measures as well."

Korando said the water-saving measure is a recirculating pump that can provide instant hot water anywhere in the house. The manufacturers of the ACT D'Mand Kontrols System, which stands for Advanced Conservation Technology, said their mission is to conserve natural resources and promote ecological sustainability.

"It has electronic controls that actually, once activated, brings that hot water from the water heater to the fixture without running any water down the drain," said Larry Acker, chief executive operator of D'Mand Systems.

A traditional water heating system would take about two to three minutes to heat an upstairs bathroom, which would waste nearly 8,000 gallons of water per year. According to Acker, with the D'Mand Systems pump, hot water can reach the upstairs bathroom in as little as 30 seconds.

The system can cost anywhere from $400 to $800 depending on the size of the house but the company said the seemingly high price is worth it because no expensive plumbing is needed to install it.

Interested customers can visit their website for more information about products, installation, pricing and details on how the system works.
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