Homeless children in LA to get help from expanded program

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Homeless families will get amplified support with an alliance between the Los Angeles Unified School District, the Housing Authority of L.A., L.A. Family Housing and the L.A. Homeless Services Authority.

As part of the city's response to the homeless crisis, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced Wednesday that 500 homeless families with students will receive Section 8 vouchers.

Janet Navarette said that she had been unable to enroll her son Nicholas in school until they received housing help from L.A. Family Services.

"We were in car for a couple months and in hotels for a year and a half," says Navarette.

Nicholas goes to Telfair Elementary where a quarter of the students had no homes or were at risk of homelessness last year.

The LAUSD Superintendent, Austin Beutner said that 17,000 parents report being without a home, but the real number may be double that.

Beutner said sharing information with other agencies can expedite services.

"We can refer from our schools families who we know are in need of help. We can also help place families and their children in schools near where they can find shelter," Beutner said.

The effort has been hampered by lack of funding. Beutner said the California provides no resources or special services for homeless students.

Navarette said she is grateful for the help but she still feels anxiety.

"Rent is expensive and no matter how much you work there is no guarantee," she said.
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