Homeless in L.A.: Scope of growing problem can be seen in aerial tour of city

ByChris Cristi and ABC7.com staff KABC logo
Wednesday, June 12, 2019
Scope of L.A.'s homeless crisis can be seen in aerial tour of Skid Row
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AIR7 HD took a tour of downtown Los Angeles to highlight just how bad the homeless crisis has become, showing a landscape dotted with tents throughout the area.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The extent of just how bad the growing homeless problem is in Los Angeles perhaps can't be fully grasped from the ground.

AIR7 HD took a tour of Los Angeles, scanning over a landscape dotted with blue and white tents, trash on the sidewalks and seemingly Third-World living conditions.

Some tents are just a few hundred feet from where children play - or where tourists visit some of L.A.'s most popular attractions.

Downtown, dozens of tents line the city's freeway onramps and transition roads.

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Other areas have grown to become tent cities, like one site in Van Nuys where dozens of people camp out, with tent after tent lined up next to each other.

For a look at AIR7 HD's aerial tour of the homeless problem, watch the video above.