'Sleep pods' for the homeless in LA aim to ease transition into permanent housing

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- There are upwards of 60,000 homeless people in Los Angeles County and about a quarter of them are in interim housing that often lack privacy.

Now a company is hoping to offer a solution that will ease the transition for people into permanent housing.

The Dome unit is designed as a "sleep pod" and provides a bed, storage unit, an outlet and a fabric canopy that can stay open or can close for more privacy. The design also includes an optional kennel area for pets.

Typical interim housing right now includes a room with several beds and little to no privacy.

The new "sleep pods" wouldn't lower the homeless population because it's not permanent housing, but designer Yan Krymsky of the architecture firm Perkins and Will says they would put people in a better position.

"It gets them shelter, but it gets them regular meals, it gets them access to bank accounts and gets them access to counseling," Krymsky said. "It's a stabilizing environment that gets people in position where they're more likely to recover and end the homelessness cycle."

The pods currently cost $4,700 each, but designers hope to get the price down to $4,000.

They are also looking for feedback from the homeless and organizations that provide housing for them.

An exhibit displaying the designs is being held at the Architecture + Design Museum in the Arts District until mid-January.

Architectural firm Perkins and Will is behind the design.
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