Training duo create hotel room workout for busy travelers

Wednesday, July 25, 2018
Training duo create hotel room workout for busy travelers
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Sisters who are also former Division one athletes and trainers created a travel workout for your hotel room, whether you are on business or holiday.

Lauren and Kelly Collins used to travel a lot for work. They would text each other to talk about what type of workout they were sneaking in after a long day of business.

"(We) had to figure out how do we get a quick efficient workout, on the road, on the go, equipment or not?" Lauren said.

That sparked their SISSFIT concept. Yes, they're sisters but SISSFIT is an acronym for stay inspired, stay strong. The Former Division one athletes are also trainers who have created an online program for you to try on the fly.

For them nothing fancy, just the basics.

"We like to do four exercises together for a circuit. So after we did our pushups and our dips we recommended holding a forearm plank for 60 seconds. Then we recommend mountain climbers," Kelly Collins said.

They use a 12-minute circuit: Four exercises alternating 60 seconds, slower movement with a 30-second fast movement to get both cardio and strength in.

No fitness clothes? No problem. The girls have ways to show you that you can stretch and strengthen vertically and just get in that little bit of fitness that sets you right for the day.

"You cross one ankle over the opposite knee and you sit low and you feel it all in the outside of your hip and glute," Kelly said when showing her hip stretch.

And an upper back stretch is great if you've been hunched over a phone or tablet all day.

The Collins sisters suggest putting gym clothes on top of the suitcase. When you get back to your room, don't even think about sitting on the bed or the couch.