Dog waits five months for owners after deadly house explosion

KANSAS CITY, MO -- Imagine waiting day after day for your family to return home, only they never do.

This dog and two others were left homeless when a deadly house explosion killed her family and destroyed her home.

It all happened back in June in Kansas City. Investigators say people inside the home were trying to make fireworks in their basement when an explosion killed one man and critically injured another.

The family's three dogs were also thrown by the blast into a nearby creek bed. Two of the dogs died from their injuries.

The third somehow survived the explosion and patiently waited for five months for her family to come back home.

No one ever came.

Neighbors have been feeding and trying to rescue the injured dog. The dog has repeatedly escaped capture until now.

Neighbors enlisted the help of Kansas City area animal rescue group, The Rescue Project, to set a humane trap for the dog and get her some help.

Great Plains SPCA

Her rescuers have named her "Asha," which means "hope." On The Rescue Project's blog they say "Asha" is the perfect name for this devoted dog, who has suffered so much.

"At this point, we are hoping for the best, but we are unfortunately preparing for the worst. She suffered out in the elements for over 5 months, with open wounds from the explosion. In the last two weeks, her condition appears to have deteriorated. She's still very scared, but she's relaxing now. We don't know what her future holds, but we guarantee she won't be suffering anymore. Until then, we have hope for her."

Now the Great Plains SPCA and The Rescue Project have teamed up to get Asha healthy and to find her a new, loving home. She is in a foster home and getting top notch medical care from the veterinarians at the Great Plains SPCA.

You can follow Asha's progress on the Great Plain SPCA's website or on The Rescue Project's Facebook page.

If you would like to donate to Asha's care, you can do so by clicking/tapping here.

Great Plains SPCA

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