Plant shop blossoms after opening during the pandemic

New shop Penelope Pots is nourishing a budding interest in houseplants.

"When people come into our store, there are plants everywhere," said Jackie Miller, owner of Penelope Pots. "There's just something that they do about the environment that really cheers you up."

After postponing the original grand opening in March due to safety concerns, Miller opened up shop in Long Beach, CA in June.

"Obviously opening in a pandemic has been something that I think most people don't want to do. But it's actually been really beautiful in the sense that we've had a really great response from the community," Miller said.

With more people staying at home during the pandemic, Miller said she sees more and more plant parents sprouting up.

"I just think that people like having something to do right now," she said.

In addition to her new retail location, Miller owns and operates Orange County-based Penelope Pots Floral Design. The event-based business was heavily impacted by the coronavirus pandemic.

"You can imagine with COVID the amount of rescheduling we had and the cancellations we had," Miller said. "It pretty much slaughtered that business."

When Miller opened up shop this summer, she was able to bring back furloughed staff and was able to hire more employees.

"We're servicing everybody safely, cleanly," she said. "We just are so appreciative for the community for showing up for us."

Penelope Pots
5862 Bolsa Ave. Suite 104
Huntington Beach, CA, 92649