Kate Upton, Justin Verlander expecting first child

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Saturday, July 14, 2018
Take a peek into Justin Verlander and Kate Upton's relationship
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Take a peek into Justin Verlander and Kate Upton's relationship

HOUSTON, Texas -- Kate Upton confirmed on Instagram that she and husband Justin Verlander are expecting their first child.

The model posed on a balcony in Miami wearing a stunning red suit in the photo. She used the hashtag #PregnantinMiami.

No word on when the tiny slugger is due.

The proud father-to-be praised his wife in a follow-up social media post. In it, the Houston Astros' pitcher said in part, "I'm so proud that our little one is going to be raised in this world by a woman like you!"

Fans can grab their own mini-Verlander Saturday at the Astros' home game since it is fittingly Verlander bobblehead night.

Take a look at Justin Verlander and Kate Upton's fairytale relationship.

  • Justin Verlander proposed before the baseball season started in 2016
  • Justin designed Kate's engagement ring
  • They dated three years before their engagement
  • Kate sits in the luxury boxes with Justin's family to cheer him on
  • Kate got a custom jacket to root on Verlander
  • Both dog lovers, the couple has a rescue boxer called Harley Upton
  • Both support the charitable organization K9s For Warriors
  • The couple once dressed up as Danny and Sandy from Grease
  • Kate refers to Justin as her best friend

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