Hulk & family offer free workout program on the Santa Monica Pier

SANTA MONICA, Calif. (KABC) -- Along with the Ferris wheel and crazy rides, there is another reason to head to the Santa Monica Pier.

"It's ... 'Hey There Muscles' by Ferrigno Fit. It's a great demonstration. It teaches you about diet, about food, everything about exercising," said program creator and Hollywood legend Lou Ferrigno.

He and his daughter, Shanna, a personal trainer, developed "Hey There Muscles." The fitness duo created a six week program that brings a wealth of health to the Pier every Saturday this summer. And by the way, the program is free!

"Any age, anybody, any type. Important thing is knowing that age is not a factor," said Ferrigno. Although this program involves those age 12 and over.

Even with both knees and hips replaced, the former competitive body builder is going strong in his 60s. Determination and dedication keeps him strong today.

Lou Ferrigno's lifelong dream was to come to California and be part of the mecca of fitness and body building. He believes it saved his life.

"We have one life. You want to maximize what you have. We are here for a short time," said Ferrigno.

Each of the Saturday sessions has a theme that goes well beyond your muscles. Along with getting after your body, they also want your mind.

Co-owner of Ferrigno Fit, Shanna Ferrigno said, "We talk about self sabotage. Building better habits. Having a better community of people supporting you."

As an overweight child, Shanna said it took her quite a while to make changes.

"I would hide and I would eat and became really heavy," said Shanna.

She understands all too well that the mental part of getting physical is important.

"You're not 350 pounds because you like to eat. You suppress," she said.

The classes are Saturdays at 9 a.m. - and you'll have access to a variety of trainers, nutrition experts and chefs during the hour long workout session. The "Hey there muscles" website provides a breakdown of each weeks offerings.
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