Upstart luxury brand Genesis adds first SUV model for 2021

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Sunday, January 24, 2021
Upstart luxury brand Genesis adds first SUV model for 2021
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Hyundai's new SUV, the GV80, has a base price ranging from $49,925 to $60,175.

In a relatively short time, the upscale Genesis brand - an offshoot of Hyundai - had come up with an impressive lineup of cars. The flagship is the large G90, with lots of room inside and every luxury you could imagine, including for rear seat passengers.

But of their three vehicles, all were sedans - and today many luxury buyers are looking for SUVs.

So now comes the newest Genesis model, the GV80. A mid-size luxury crossover SUV aimed straight at the premium brands Genesis competes with. The new GV80 has a base price ranging from $49,925 to $60,175.

Genesis' parent company has been poaching designers and engineers from German automakers, and it shows.

The GV80's styling is distinctive, the interior is both plush and modern, and the SUV sits on a sophisticated rear-wheel drive platform. Upscale buyers often consider rear-wheel drive a plus, even if they're not exactly sure why.

Two engines are available, including a smooth twin-turbo 3.5 liter V6 making 375 horsepower. The GV80 drives very nicely, and is set to take on the competition. From Acura to Volvo, every premium brand has a vehicle in this category, but the buying public can't seem to get enough mid-size luxury SUVs, so there's probably plenty of demand for this one too.

A first SUV for the Genesis brand was really needed, as only having sedans was probably sending some shoppers to other showrooms.

So what do they need next? A second SUV - and it's already on the way, coming along late this year. The GV70, as its model name suggests, will be a bit smaller and probably less expensive. Hitting another solid target in the upscale car world, where others are already playing.

But for now, the GV80 should be a hot commodity for Genesis. Being able to attract buyers who are shopping in a very hot segment right now.