Postponed ICE raids set to start Sunday, report says

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Immigration and Customs Enforcement raids on thousands of undocumented immigrants are reportedly set to begin this Sunday.

The New York Times is reporting that the raids which had been delayed last month are once again scheduled. Neither the White House nor ICE has commented on the reported enforcement detail.

Last month, the Trump administration announced a planned nationwide sweep to deport more than 2,040 undocumented family members living in the United States illegally.

But then President Donald Trump said he would delay the raids to give lawmakers time to work out their own immigration proposals.

Democratic lawmakers had heavily criticized the planned operation as cruel, while mayors of many cities said they would decline to cooperate with ICE. Immigrant advocates began campaigns to advise people of their rights when ICE agents show up at their doors.

Last month, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said the city would not cooperate with the raids.

"Our president has failed to build a wall, so instead he's going to go back to his old playbook of trying to rip families apart," Garcetti said. "Here in Los Angeles we will not participate in that."

L.A. County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl posted on Facebook in late June urging people to know their rights.

The L.A. County Office of Immigrant Affairs also provided the following list of rights:

-RIGHT TO NOT OPEN YOUR DOOR unless the immigration agent knocking has a warrant to enter that is signed by a judge or magistrate and has your name on it.
-RIGHT TO REMAIN SILENT and not answer questions from immigration agents.

-RIGHT NOT TO SIGN ANY PAPERS without first talking to an attorney.
-RIGHT TO TALK TO AN ATTORNEY at your own expense.
-IF YOU ARE OUTSIDE YOUR HOME: Ask the immigration agent if you are free to go. If they say yes, leave peacefully. If they say no, ask to call your attorney.

Questions remain about where detained immigrants will be held, as many detention centers are already overflowing.
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