SoCal authorities cracking down on dangerous street racing 'sideshows'

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif. (KABC) -- The sound of tires screeching and engines roaring to the max filled a San Bernardino parking lot Saturday night where hundreds of people gathered to watch illegal "sideshows."

It's a dangerous and growing trend in the Inland Empire where drivers perform stunts like donuts and burn out in front of spectators. Authorities say it's part of the street racing culture.

"Its become a problem. These street racers are shutting down intersections, not only putting themselves in danger, the spectators in danger, but passing motorists," said Officer Ramon Duran with the California Highway Patrol.

On Saturday, the CHP along with the Riverside and San Bernardino Police Departments joined forces over the weekend to crack down on the street racing operations. They made several arrests and impounded vehicles while also issuing citations to spectators.

But some participants say their intent is not to harm anyone -- it's all done in good fun.

"We just spectating. We just coming out here having some fun. We just enjoy watching cars do their thing," said one racer. "We ain't trying to kill no one out here. We're just trying to have fun."

The CHP says they are continuing to investigate this weekend's activities and more arrests are possible.
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