San Bernardino County law enforcement officers recognized for heroism

RANCHO CUCAMONGA -- The San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department honored several law enforcement officers on Wednesday by presenting them with the Sheriff's Medal of Valor.

Officers Jacob Robles, along with officers Dustin and Rod DeYoung, received recognition following their role in saving an 8-year-old Hesperia boy last year after the car he was travelling in plummeted into an aqueduct, a crash that killed his mother and two brothers.

"With complete disregard for their safety and without fear, the citizens slid down the dangerous concrete slope of the aqueduct wall to reach the child," said Sheriff John McMahon during the award ceremony.

Deputy Patrick Higgins also received recognition following his actions during a gun battle with a wanted suspect last year. After Higgins was shot in the chest, he continued to return fire and was able to disable the suspect's car.

"During this armed confrontation with a desperate criminal, Deputy Higgins used outstanding officer safety tactics, maintained his composure despite being shot and ensured public safety by returning fire at a dangerous fleeing felon," said McMahon.

The department also honored Sgt. Brad Power, Sgt. Michael Walker and Sgt. Freddy Hernandez, along with their wives and two civilians, for their heroism during the Las Vegas shooting last October.

McMahon explained that after Powers was shot while shielding his wife Kristin, the others risked their lives getting him to safety and to the hospital.

"The group put Brad on top of a metal barricade and began pulling him across the open area of the concert grounds while gunshots continued," he said.