Inglewood ultrasound studio finds ways to include loved ones in appointments amid pandemic

An Inglewood ultrasound studio allows expectant mothers to have loved ones experience appointments with them during the pandemic.
INGLEWOOD, Calif. (KABC) -- Kristen Gooden Pitts opened up Classy Babie, a wellness studio in Inglewood that offers services for expecting mothers.

"We have 3D, 4D and HD ultrasounds available for mommy to get a little sneak peek of baby," Gooden Pitts said.

The studio also offers other services to non-expecting mothers such as massages.

Gooden Pitts gave birth last April and she said going through the process during a pandemic added stress on her, especially because she had to go to her appointments alone.

At Classy Babie, mothers are able to bring along a family member to the ultrasound appointments and other loved ones can join virtually as well.

"This process for women most of the time is alone," said Dr. Gwen Allen, an OBGYN at Centinela Hospital. "We cannot allow that spouse inside and that can be depressing."

A study done by researchers from Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston surveyed more than 1,000 pregnant and postpartum women and found that 36 percent had significant levels of depression compared to the 15 to 20 percent prior to the pandemic.

Desiree Heron had her ultrasound at Classy Babie and she said being able to have her family with her made the experience even better.

"With the global pandemic, it's only just the patient itself to be there with the doctor," Heron said. "So, having my family here and you know, seeing them through the camera, it made it more special."

Gooden Pitts said she hopes to make the pregnancy process as smooth and special as possible for expectant mothers.

That's why they have two massage rooms, a nail tech room and even a family viewing room so loved ones can share in the experience but a from safe distance.

"You worry about whether you're going to have the right doctors, you worry about if you're going to have the right medical care," Gooden Pitts said. "So, just having a little, I guess, relief, and be able to enjoy parts of you're on pregnancy is very important."

Dr. Allen still wants to stress caution to expecting mothers to be as safe as possible during their pregnancy.

"I still would tell them, proceed with caution," Dr. Allen said. "And still try to do that one on one or limit the amount of people there."

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