San Bernardino County firefighter released from hospital after being shot in Vegas shooting

LAS VEGAS (KABC) -- An off-duty San Bernardino County firefighter left a Las Vegas hospital Friday to recover from a gunshot wound he suffered during the Las Vegas mass shooting.

Mike Kodich walked out of Sunrise Hospital flanked by some of his coworkers as he had his arm in a sling. The firefighter was struck in the arm while he was performing CPR on someone during the shooting.

He and another off-duty firefighter friend were about 25 feet from the stage when the shooting happened. His friend said their instinct was to help people rather than run.

Kodich said he is relieved to be going home.

"I feel good. I'm in high spirits. I have my friends and coworkers with me. Just thank you for everything and thank you for the hospital staff," he said.

He has a long recovery ahead before he can go back to work.
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