International Motorcycle Show rumbles in to Long Beach

The red carpet's been rolled out in the Long Beach Convention Center for the annual International Motorcycle Show. For many people in Southern California, fewer wheels mean more fun.

"We consider this our home show. Many of the brands are based here, and it's our first show of the tour," said Meredith Loza, head of marketing for the event.

From street bikes to dirt bikes. From bad-to-the-bone cruisers to cute Italian scooters in pastel colors. From very shiny to purposely not-so thanks to matte finish. They're all here.

And if you're not quite up for getting onto two wheels, how about three?

The sleek, hand-built Vanderhall rides on three car-sized tires.

"Vanderhall builds vintage racers in Provo, Utah, and they are street-legal," said Daniel Boyer, the company's head of sales and marketing.

Think of these $30,000 - and up - creations as a cross between a motorcycle and a car. The interiors are very car-like, and even feature heating and air conditioning. And Vanderhall's newest model, unveiled during the motorcycle show's press days, is called Edison. The catchy name is fitting, because this Vanderhall is fully electric.

"It's got some electric benefits, like being able to accommodate buyers who are interested in renewable energy, plus it has amazing performance," said Vanderhall's Daniel Boyer.

The Vanderhall Edison goes on sale in the second quarter of 2018, and the price will be announced closer to then.

Slowly, electrification is finding its way into non-cars as well as cars.

On display at the show is BMW's new luxury scooter variation, the C Evolution. With nearly 100 miles of range, this could be a very cool urban ride for a base price of about $14,000.

A motorcycle, scooter, or three-wheeled vehicle that runs solely on electricity could be a sign of the industry looking toward the future. But another trend that's popular right now in terms of styling and design are bikes that evoke a bit of nostalgia.

Everywhere you turn at the show are motorcycles that pay tribute to the past.

BMW is going a bit retro with its "R nine T" models in various shades and styles that recall BMW's bikes of the 1970s. (The funny name is a play on a former model called the R90.) And while Honda's all-new 2018 Gold Wing is one of the big stars under the lights in Long Beach, parked nearby is the Honda CB1100, which recalls the brand's earlier days.

Or take Italian motorcycle maker Ducati. They build some sexy performance bikes, but they also see value in a neo-classic like their Scrambler. The best of old and new, with classic styling combined with the latest in engineering and technology.

"It has riding modes, and a suite of electronics that give you all the performance of a modern motorcycle, but in a package that has that aesthetic of something classic," said Jason Chinnock, CEO of Ducati North America.

The Long Beach International Motorcycle Show runs through Sunday.
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