High-tech bra could help detect breast cancer in shorter amount of time

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A new technology that could revolutionize breast cancer screening is about to begin clinical trials.

Rather than having women undergo a mammogram or an ultrasound, this new system can be used at home, with potentially life-saving information being transmitted through a smartphone.

Radiologist Dr. Sila Yitta said routine mammograms and self-screening are the best defense, though many women do not always take advantage of the tech.

But soon an experimental technology could help thousands of women and doctors screen for breast cancer. It's called IT Bra.

Developers said it can be worn inside any normal bra. It is a wearable device filled with sensors that check what happens to a woman's patterns of heat and how they change over time, according to Rob Royea, CEO and chairman of Cyrcadia Health, Inc.

Researchers said the heat changes correlate to the accelerated cell activity of breast cancer tumors. The results are then processed into a sophisticated algorithm, which is then transmitted to a mobile device.

And because the system is heat based, developers believe it may also offer advantages for some women with denser breast tissue, which can be more difficult to image using traditional mammography.

The clinical trial is being conducted near San Francisco. Researchers will study the results on women wearing the device for different lengths of time.

The goal is to produce accurate readings in about two hours, which will ultimately make the system more convenient for women to use.

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