Visit Peru without leaving the country at Jaranita restaurant in SF

SAN FRANCISCO -- Feast your eyes on a fiesta of color and Peruvian fare at Jaranita in San Francisco's Marina District. A visit to the festival-inspired spot whisks guests away to a party in Peru -- in fact, the word "jaranita" means celebration.

"It's fun to go somewhere that feels like you're somewhere else," explained a restaurant-goer.

"From the décor, the drinks, the food, it feels like you've got a little bit of Peru in San Francisco," described another guest.

"If you want to go to Peru without leaving the country, we've got you," said Jaranita General Manager Masha Prikhodko.

At every corner, Jaranita features traditional Peruvian decorations characteristic of the country's parades, carnivals, and festivals. In the center of the restaurant's dining patio stands a giant "Yunza Tree" decked out with ribbons and pom-poms.

The classic tree pays tribute to the ritual of the "Yunza," which is an important aspect of Carnival. Yunza Trees are typically loaded with gifts and brightly colored decorations, and party-goers can dance around it.

At Jaranita, guests are invited to both dance and dine around the tree as they indulge in the flavors of Peru.

"When you come to Jaranita, you're coming to try traditional Peruvian cuisine, and we're focusing here on our charcoal rotisserie grill," said Prikhodko.

Executive Chef Victoriano Lopez adds, "We have 100% Peruvian flavor here."

Order from a menu stacked with classic dishes like lomo saltado and pollo a la brasa, as well as unique iterations of festive drinks, like the popular Nikkei Sour and Zen-gria.

Plus, Jaranita's special chicken packages and other to-go items allow guests to take a taste of Peru home with them.

"We have authentic Peruvian food, we have amazing cocktails, we have great Peruvian decorations, and the vibe," described Prikhodko. "You have to check it out."

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