'That's why I don't love you anymore' Watch reactions to Kimmel's Halloween candy prank

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Friday, November 3, 2017
Jimmy Kimmel Live/YouTube

What happens when you tell your kids you ate all their Halloween candy? For the seventh time, Jimmy Kimmel Live asked parents to find out.

Here are highlights of reactions from this year's prank-ees:

"Spit it out of your tummy."

"You just have to eat more lunch!"

"That's why I don't love you anymore."

"I want more candy in that bucket right now!"

Some kids were sweet about it, forgiving their parents. Others were wise to their parents.

"Wait a minute. Wait a minute! I think you're trying to trick me," one kid mused.

Adding to the fun this year, earlier in the week guest host Channing Tatum shared what happened when he pulled the prank on his own daughter, who did not find it funny.

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