A kid's worst nightmare? Hearing their parents say, 'I ate all your Halloween candy'

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Did you covet your Halloween candy when you were little? You worked so hard to earn that stash, and then, if you had a lot of will power, you could ration it out and make it last until the holidays.

So how would you feel if your parents told you they had already eaten it all?

That's the prank that elicited these kids' reactions in this hilarious compilation from Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Their reactions range from the adorable to the ridiculous. There are the ones who are in disbelief, like the boy who hilariously looks for his candy by scavenging around his kitchen drawers, even trying to open some that aren't real drawers. There are the kids who cuss at their parents or give them lectures about how "You can never, ever, ever, ever listen about candy!" The cutest, though, are the ones who give a sweet smile and forgive their parents.

Kimmel makes the cute video every year. It's not just for grins and giggles, though. The video also serves to promote Operation Gratitude, which sends care packages to members of the military.

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