'Rebel' star John Corbett leaves Mr. Nice Guy role behind for dark, mysterious character

HOLLYWOOD -- Actor John Corbett is loving his role on the new series, "Rebel." Katey Sagal plays the title role. Corbett plays her current husband, Grady... and she's had a few!

Corbett is having the time of his life NOT being Mr. Nice Guy.

"This is good for me because, you know my career better than most people do because we've known each other for many decades. I didn't want to do the old nice guy boyfriend deal one more time. It's been good for me and bought me a new car every couple of years but it's so boring to play, you know?" said Corbett. "So it's really cool to spice it up with a not-so-great guy this time."

Corbett says his character is a bit of a mystery right now.

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Katey Sagal taps into her "Rebel" side, playing a legal advocate who fights to help those who need it. Andy Garcia co-stars as her good friend, a lawyer, who she recruits to help her cause.

"And it's going to stay that way for a little bit, too. And it even gets a little deeper," said Corbett. "Grady's got some good dark secrets going on in episode eight."

Once John's done shooting "Rebel" for the season, he'll hopefully be heading to Greece for the third and final chapter in Nia Vardalos' "My Big Fat Greek Wedding" franchise.

"That was a little independent movie that I made. I got paid $25,000 for it. And look what happened? The most successful romantic comedy every made!" said Corbett. "And Nia's remained a good friend to this day; so that movie changed my life, man."

Meanwhile, you can see "Rebel" on Thursday nights on ABC.

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