Western New York woman set to open kangaroo zoo

NEW YORK -- An animal lover aims to give New Yorkers the experience of living down under.

Laura Kagels is in the process of opening the only kangaroo zoo in Western New York.

"People love the kangaroos," she said. "They love interacting with them."

She started adopting kangaroos three years ago and now has a dozen living in her home.

The joeys are bottle fed and cared for inside until they're old enough to live in a heated barn outback.

She's now working to transform a two-acre site into a zoo where people can get private tours and spend some one on one time with the kangaroos and joeys.

"We've had so much water this year," she said. "We just don't have the enclosures ready to bring people in."

Kagels plans to build eight foot high fences on a two-acre site. She also needs to get insured before allowing visitors to bond with the bucks.
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