Former Rep. Katie Hill pens intimate op-ed about days leading up to resignation, suicidal thoughts

Former Southern California congresswoman Katie Hill is revealing more about the moments leading up to and following her resignation amid allegations of an inappropriate sexual relationship with a staffer.

In an essay published by the New York Times titled "Katie Hill: It's Not Over After All," Hill described getting harassing messages from strangers, the envelope with white power that lead to her Palmdale congressional office being evacuated and her mother being followed by cameras.

Rep. Katie Hill resigns amid allegation of inappropriate sexual relationship with staffer
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Democratic Rep. Katie Hill announced her resignation from Congress amid allegations that she had inappropriate sexual relationships with staffers.

Hill, who represented parts of Los Angeles and Ventura County, also shared her most intimate thoughts and feelings following her announced resignation after less than one year in office.

"My hometown was filled with people who were worried about me, cared about me and wanted to see me, and yet my mom was followed by people in dark trucks with cameras, my sister's business was trolled and my dad drove around our hometown pulling down huge posters of his baby girl in a Nazi uniform with the text '#WifenSwappenSS'."

She also detailed contemplating suicide in the two days after she stepped down.

"I laid there and thought about what I'd lost. The people on my team and in my life who had been hurt and had done nothing wrong. Everyone I'd let down, everyone who worked for me, who campaigned for me, who believed in me. The future I thought was in store for me that was instantly and irrevocably gone. My own mistakes had led me there, but there were other things at play. And those pictures - no one should have ever seen them."

Rep. Katie Hill gives final speech on House floor, blames resignation on 'double standard'
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In a fiery farewell speech, Rep. Katie Hill suggested a double standard forced her resignation amid a bitter divorce.

Hill has maintained that the intimate photos that were published on a conservative website were released by her estranged husband.

In the piece, she recalled those dark moments in her bathtub but ultimately came to this conclusion: "I don't get to quit. I have to keep going forward, and be part of the fight to create the change that those young girls are counting on."

She ended the op-ed piece by saying she doesn't know what's ahead for her but that she's still "in the fight."
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