Katy Perry has many reasons to 'Smile'; a new baby girl, and a new album

Katy Perry's big week: she delivers new baby girl, Daisy Dove, and new album, 'Smile'
HOLLYWOOD -- What a week for Katy Perry! Just days after giving birth to her daughter, Daisy Dove, the new Mom is now delivering her fifth studio album... "Smile." Perry says she went through a lot of self-reflection leading up to making this album.

"It's like I had been to the top of the mountain. I'd seen the view. I had gotten too used to it. So, of course, the universe decided to come and say, 'All right sweetie, let's figure this one out," said Perry. "And so I definitely had to go on a real emotional, psychological and spiritual journey during those years to find my smile, 'cause I lost it. And that's why the record is called 'Smile.'"

Perry says the record is full of hopefulness and resilience, with some joy mixed in for fun.

"I think that it's always a good time to have a little hope injected, especially these days," said Perry. "This record is really talking about my own experience walking thru hell and finding the light and coming out of that."

The 35-year-old pop star is engaged to actor Orlando Bloom but says wedding planning isn't her priority at the moment.

'There's bigger things going on in the world. I don't want to say, 'Oh, how sad is it that I had to postpone or cancel or whatever.' It's so many other horrible things going on. What we're hoping for is just a safe, healthy baby," said Perry.

"Smile" is available Friday, August 28th.
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