'Grey's Anatomy' star Kelly McCreary brings Detroit play to the Geffen stage

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- During the regular television season, you'll find Kelly McCreary busy saving lives as Dr. Maggie Pierce on "Grey's Anatomy."

But right now, on a Los Angeles stage, you'll find her practicing her art in a play she was happy to do.

It's called "Skeleton Crew," the third in a series of plays that all take place in Detroit, aiming to give context to that city's history.

If you haven't seen the first two, that's OK because they all tell their own stories.

McCreary said, "This play is built around these four people who work together at this factory and what that work has - the space that they share and the work that they do together has created this sense of community, and even family."

She added: "I think that the mission of the Detroit plays, and this play in particular, is to offer another narrative."

She said it's like getting inside the lives of "the people who live there and who are proud to live there, who are proud to work in the auto industry."

So to dive deeper into those lives, McCreary took it upon herself to visit The Motor City.

"It was important for me to go and get a sense - not just of the auto industry but of the sense of community and culture and history of that place that makes people proud to be Detroiters.

McCreary first saw "Skeleton Crew" when it was produced in New York about two years ago.

Then, "it just knocked my socks off," she said. So "I really couldn't pass it up. Plus, you know, I love to do theater. It's where I got my start as an actor and I think it's really important as an artist to keep growing and to keep toning the muscles that you already have."

"Skeleton Crew" is playing The Geffen Playhouse's Gil Cates Theater through July 8.

More information is available here.
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