Kobe fans pay their respects by visiting murals around LA dedicated to Kobe and Gianna Bryant

DOWNTOWN LA (KABC) -- Kobe Bryant fans flooded the streets around Staples Center to pay tribute to Kobe and his daughter Gianna.

For those who couldn't attend the memorial inside, they found another way to pay their respects.

"We're just going around to all the murals and paying our respects," said Bryant fan Fernando Villanueva.

"We're here to do a tour of all the murals for Kobe, we just wanted to be here today to show our respects and really take in all of the beautiful artwork," said Bryant fan Jessica Gonzalez.

But these aren't just LA natives taking part in the mural tour.

People came from all over California and across the country.

Kobemural.com has created a new interactive map that shows you where all the murals are located around Southern California.

Many of which are walking distance from the Staple Center.

On the day of the service, an artist that goes by the name Sloe revisited one of his murals.

"I'm pretty overwhelmed right now, I'm doing 24 Kobe murals and I'm on my fourth right now. So seeing the people, it feels good," said Sloe.

"He was definitely my hero growing up," he said. "Every kid my age looked up to him."

Only 20,000 people were able to get into Staples Center for the memorial, but that didn't stop devoted fans from saying goodbye.
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