Kyra Sedgwick stretches her comedy muscles with new sitcom 'Call Your Mother'

Kyra Sedgwick plays an empty-nester who can't quite extricate herself from her children's lives in new sitcom 'Call Your Mother.'
HOLLYWOOD -- Emmy, SAG Award and Golden Globe award winner Kyra Sedgwick heads the cast of the new sitcom, "Call Your Mother." She plays a worried, meddling--but loving--mom who wants to be in-the-know *always* when it comes to her children.

When empty nester Jean Raines, played by Kyra Sedgwick, isn't satisfied she can reach her kids in L.A. whenever she wants, she gets on a plane, gets an Air BNB and gets right back into their lives. Mom *may* be a little overbearing at times.

"It's funny you say overbearing. I don't think Jean's overbearing at all," said Sedgwick.

Rachel Sennott and Joey Bragg play her children.

"I definitely got a talking-to from my mom how ironic it was I was in a show called 'Call Your Mother' and she does not think I call her enough," laughed Bragg.

"In my family, there's five kids so my mom is a little less overbearing than Jean, I think, because sometimes, it's like, there's so many that you can kind of be like, 'Well, look what that sibling is doing,' like, 'Take care of them!" said Sennott.

Expect "Call Your Mother" to be a little edgy.

"Oh, thank goodness! That makes me so happy. Yeah, Jean is surprising. She's a surprising creature," said Sedgwick.

And, when it comes to shooting a sitcom during a pandemic...Kyra says she feels safe with all the precautions in place.

"We desperately need to remember, like, what happens after this pandemic is done. The show takes place post-pandemic but we talk about, we reference it," said Sedgwick. "And also, I feel like, you know, really funny comedy comes from really high stakes. And we're in really high stakes right now!"

"Call Your Mother" airs Wednesday nights on ABC.
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