LA art gallery helping with Mexico relief efforts

ARTS DISTRICT, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Throughout Southern California, relief efforts are underway to collect supplies and donations for people affected by the devastating 7.1 magnitude earthquake near Mexico City.

One such effort is spearheaded by an art gallery in LA's Arts District, the Superchief Gallery. People have been dropping off blankets, clothing and medical supplies to be trucked down to a Red Cross office in Mexico.

Organizers of this relief drive have lived and worked in Mexico City and were able to hear from their close friends who motivated them to do this.

"I've been in touch with my friends, and friends who I consider family - they're all safe, thank goodness," said Daniel Hernandez, a journalist.

"It's been very tough to have communication with people. People are out there working, volunteering and trying to find ways to help so we're here trying to do the same thing, trying to find ways to help in whatever way that we can."

After organizers are able to fill a truck to send to Mexico, they plan to continue collecting and are planning another drive on Sept. 30.

"We decided why not use the space we have in the art gallery to spread the word and use our connections and start gathering supplies and figuring out how to get them directly to people who need them," said Bill Dunleavy, a cofounder of the Superchief Gallery.
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