Thousands of SoCal residents in need receive box of food amid COVID-19

COMMERCE, Calif. (KABC) -- Locally, we are seeing relief for the many families suffering financially because of COVID-19. The L.A. Regional Food Bank handed out thousands of boxes of food Friday.

The L.A. Regional Food Bank teamed up with the L.A. County Federation of Labor unions to help out some 5,000 families.

Union members from several locals waited in the long line for their box of food. The ones we spoke with have had their work hours cut or they've been laid off.

We asked a food recipient, how much is this going to help you guys out?

"Oh, a lot, a lot. Not just because we're out of work, but also because then we don't have to go out, we can stay home and help to contribute to flatten the curve," Maria Hinton said.

Last Tuesday, the ABC7/L.A. Rams Virtual Telethon raised over $2 million. The proceeds help organizations like the United Way fund programs to help house and feed the homeless and to pay for the food and trucks that are delivering the food distributions sites like this one.

"Well the goal is to feed families. We know there are people in the community that are struggling during this crisis," Roger Castle with L.A. Regional Food Bank said. "The need for food assistance has increased markedly ... we're trying to get more food to families who need it."
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