LA Metro considers moving away from color-coded rail lines

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Thursday, September 20, 2018
LA Metro may move away from color-coded rail lines
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With LA Metro set to expand its reach over the next decade, the transit system is considering changing the names of its rail lines.

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- For years, Metro rail lines have sounded the same, but with Metro set to expand its reach over the next decade, it is going to run into a colorful quagmire: too many lines, not enough colors.

That's why Metro is considering changing the names of the rail lines.

"In the next 10 years we'll have eight new lines," Pauletta Tonilas, Chief Communications Officer for LA Metro, said. "And we'll have to come up with some operational name. So, that's why we think now's the time to think about this."

There are several options. One is actually to continue with the color palette.

"This is where we get into shades of colors," Tonilas said. "So, for instance, it might be the Lime Line, the Pink Line, the Olive Line, the Aqua Line."

The concern with that solution would be a situation in which riders, looking at a sun-faded Metro map, can't tell the difference between the Red, Pink and Orange lines.

Another option would be changing to a letter or number-based system, similar to the New York City Subway.

"I think at first people will be very confused, and people will be upset," Samantha Meza, a Metro rider from Sylmar, said.

They could also name each line after a geographic location, similar to the Expo Line.

Metro is asking riders for suggestions.

You can tell Metro what you think by taking their survey here.

A recommendation is set to go to the Metro board by early December and changes may begin to come as early as 2019.