LA Regional Food Bank helps feed Inglewood community

The LA Regional Food Bank continues to feed the Inglewood community and help those in need.

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Friday, July 9, 2021
LA Regional Food Bank feeds Inglewood community
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The LA Regional Food Bank continues to feed the Inglewood community and help those in need.

INGLEWOOD, Calif. (KABC) -- The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank has played a major role in helping families put food on the dinner table during the pandemic. Along with some partners, the food bank continued to give back, distributing free food at Monroe Middle School in Inglewood Friday afternoon.

"Bags of chicken, we have a produce box that has fresh veggies, fresh fruit," said Daniel Quintero Jr., the programs coordinator for the food bank. "And a canned goods box that also has pastas, rice and proteins."

"Food is definitely needed and," said Inglewood resident Ricky Barnes. "People that don't have or have large families, the extra food is definitely needed," he continued.

The L.A. Regional Food Bank brought enough boxes of food and masks to give out to 1,300 families. About 50 volunteers from the Los Angeles Conservation Corps showed up to help with the event.

"[It's] for people who are in need, obviously, if they're still not working because of COVID," said Leslie Ortiz, the program coordinator for the L.A. Conservation Corps. "So, we're here just to provide food to everybody."

Although there weren't as many people at the food drive as there were a couple months ago at previous events, organizers said they want to emphasize that they're here to support the community and they're going to be here long after the pandemic.

"Even though I returned back to work, you need help," said Kathy Villalobos, a Hawthorne resident. "With [the] little help that they have given us, it's good it's but it's not enough."

"Especially because I hear that, it might get worse with that Delta variant that's going around," said Azucena Espinosa, an Inglewood resident. "I'm not too informed on it, but I feel like it's still needed."

"Just because we're getting towards the end of the pandemic," said Quintero Jr. "Doesn't mean that the need has just automatically just gone away. So, we're here to fill the need."

You can get more info on the mobile food pantries at the LA Regional Food Bank website.

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