LAPD Chief Michael Moore addresses spike in gun violence

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- Los Angeles Chief of Police Michael Moore spoke about the many dangers his officers face and mentioned recent events in which officers were viciously attacked.

"There is a great deal of look and analysis that goes into how we use force in the department," Moore said. His department is committed to lowering those instances. There is balancing work that has to be done in terms of making the city of Los Angeles safer while also protecting its officers, he said.

With regard to recent spike in gun violence: "We want for it never to be normal," Moore said.

Last year was one of the safest in terms of gun violence but this year has seen an increase with rates similar to those seen in 2015, 2016 and 2017. Most of the incidents are centered on gang-on-gang violence.

"(We're) working feverishly with gang interventionists - to try to interrupt that," he said "to restore some sense of calm and peace."

Speaking about the recently murdered rapper, Nipsey Hussle: "I dont know that anyone will take his (Nipsey's) place but I'm proud to see the advocates and gang interventionists ... step forward. They've had some success. There are other areas that are still struggling. Our outlook and engagement is going to continue. We're looking to find a way in which our work helps," Moore said.

"I want to make sure ... that we have a balance and that the communities that are suffering this violence understand that our presence there is for this safety, that we are not there to over-police, to suppress, to be a punisher for the community members. We're there to protect them," Moore said.
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