LAPD Chief Michel Moore discusses DTLA beating suspect

LOS ANGELES -- Los Angeles police Chief Michel Moore stopped by the ABC7 studios to talk about a suspect who is accused of multiple attacks and beatings, including the murders of his own family members.

Ramon Alberto Escobar, 47, was charged Wednesday for a series of attacks on men, most of them homeless, while they were sleeping in downtown Los Angeles and Santa Monica. Three of the men died.

He was also charged with four counts of second-degree robbery.

Escobar has also been linked to the disappearance of his own aunt and uncle from the Houston area.

Moore described Escobar as a very "violent individual" and said he was thankful that authorities reached out to the community to warn homeless people to be wary of Escobar while he was on the loose.

"I'm happy today that that man is in custody and is facing charges for the brutal assaults that he committed," Moore said.

Moore also touched on the subject of quickly releasing police bodycam video to be transparent with the public.

Watch the rest of Moore's interview in the video above.