LAPD commission says police shooting of Eric Rivera in Wilmington was within policy

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- The mother of a 20-year-old man who was shot and killed in Wilmington last year screamed at LAPD commissioners Tuesday after they said the incident was within policy.

As officers cleared the room, the angry reaction spilled over into the hallway.

"I hope one of your babies gets taken away. I hope one of your babies gets taken away," Valerie Rivera said.

The screaming comes after the commissioners met for nearly two hours to decide the fate of the officers involved in the shooting of Eric Rivera.

It happened last June, when Eric was shot by police. Eric turned toward officers with a plastic toy gun that police believed to be real, according to the LAPD. But Eric's family refutes that account.

Before the five commissioners went into their closed-door session, the Rivera family and supporters urged them to find the two officers involved were not within the department's policy.

But the commissioners sided with the officers, voting unanimously that the shooting of Eric was within LAPD's policy.

On Monday, two officers were injured - one who was shot - in a deadly exchange of gunfire with a chase suspect. This incident will also be investigated.

Chief Charlie Beck said his officers get the training they need when confronted with a suspect who has a weapon.

The group that attended the meeting said they will see if the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office may move further with the incident.
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