LAPD detective released from hospital after difficult battle with COVID-19

Officers and doctors applauded as an LAPD detective was released from the hospital after a battle with COVID-19 that included treatment with a clinical trial drug.
SANTA MONICA, Calif. -- A week ago, a Los Angeles Police Department detective infected with coronavirus was fighting for his life.

Friday, he left the hospital victorious, having beaten the virus.

LAPD leadership, officers and medical staff from Providence Saint John's health center gathered to applaud and honor Det. Michael Chang, who is now resting back at home.

One of the doctors who cared for Chang explained how much his recovery, like that of all patients, was important to them.

"My heart breaks every time we lose a patient. Every time we save a patient during this crisis, it reminds me why we take this job and why we do what we do," said Dr. Raymond Lee.

Chang benefitted from a clinical trial drug being tested for COVID-19 use as well as a highly specialized procedure using an external device to help oxygenate his blood so his heart and lungs could rest.