LAPD escorts Saddleridge Fire evacuees home to collect possessions but some defy orders and stay

Some residents had the opportunity to be escorted back to their homes by the Los Angeles Police Department to retrieve personal items or pets that may have been left behind. While some took the allotted five minutes to gather as much as they could and leave again, others defied officers and stayed home despite the looming threat of the massive Saddleridge Fire.

LAPD officers were taking families to their homes one by one, including Alex Henson and his wife.

Henson said he didn't think his Porter Ranch home would stay intact amid the roaring flames and embers.

"I wasn't expecting to go back. This is the second time that it's happened to us," he said, his voice thick with overwhelming emotion.

The Hensons locked up their home after grabbing the essentials, but not everybody heeded the warnings from authorities. Some residents abused the escort opportunity to go home and stay there despite the mandatory evacuation orders.

Chief Michael Moore said those residents were staying at their own risk.

"If any individuals refuse to leave, they'll be admonished... They'll be left there over our objections," Moore said.

Chaz Basra is one of those people. He's been evacuated five times over the last 20 years, but he said the risk is worth it to be in the comfort of his home.

"It doesn't make me nervous. I've been through it so many times but, like I said, this is actually the worst I've seen it," Basra said.

Anyone interested can meet with officers at the following locations: the Porter Ranch Towncenter at Porter Ranch Drive and Rinaldi Street, as well as the Target store located at the corner of Balboa Boulevard and the San Fernando Mission Boulevard.
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