Longtime LAPD informant plans to sue, says he wasn't paid for 2016 raid that led to drug dealer

LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A longtime Los Angeles Police Department informant plans to sue the agency because he said he delivered a wanted drug kingpin and never got paid for the information.

An early morning raid resulted in the arrest of a suspect considered a major drug kingpin. The LAPD took Derrick Turner into custody at his home in April 2016.

During the operation, authorities seized nearly $1.8 million in cash, along with guns and several pounds of cocaine, meth and heroin.

"Without my information, there would be no case. That's for sure," he said.

Authorities said Turner was a bigtime dealer who primarily focused on Skid Row. The longtime informant said he was paid by the LAPD for information for more than 20 years.

"I risk my life. After they recover, it's the 10 percent for the seizures of the money, plus any weapon or any drugs that they seize," he said.

He worked Skid Row, gathering information to help detectives bust drug dealers and said he normally receives 10 percent of the cash recovered.

Under that agreement, he claims the LAPD owes him $210,000 for the raid. He's upset because he hasn't been paid.

"I don't know why they fight too much when I'm entitled to the 10 percent. But I believe (those) responsible (are) Chief Beck and Mr. Garcetti," he said.

The informant filed a complaint with the LAPD's internal affairs unit that was ruled "unfounded" in a letter signed by Chief Charlie Beck earlier this year.

Now the man is preparing to take legal action.

"That's what I want - to get paid. You know, I did the job. They know," he said.

Despite the situation, the man continues to work cases with the LAPD.
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