LAPD officer tackles DUI suspect who tried to flee on feet following chase in Northridge

NORTHRIDGE, LOS ANGELES (KABC) -- A suspected DUI driver was taken into custody after being tackled by an officer when he tried to flee his damaged vehicle in a Northridge neighborhood.

The chase started around 10 p.m. Monday night in the area and the suspect wove in and out of traffic on surface streets.

At one point, he appeared to pull over as he went over a spike strip and stopped as authorities pulled up behind him. But within seconds he headed off down the street again, traveling at fast speeds.

A patrol vehicle then attempted a PIT maneuver that sent the suspect's vehicle spinning out of control and into a curb on Lindley Avenue.

The suspect quickly exited the vehicle and ran as fast as he could down the street, but within seconds an officer tackled the man into the side of a truck parked along the street. The impact of the tackle left a dent in the driver's side door of the vehicle.

The suspect was taken into custody. It was unclear if he was injured.

The investigation is ongoing.
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